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Our Testimonials

Kelly & Brandon Walsh

Pleasure working with Madhu ! All the best !

His Royal Highness - Hathwa Estate
Alison & Mark Priston

Thank you for the late nights, the never-ending emails, the laughter and the memories. From the venue to the band, florist and everyone involved we were blown away by the cohesion and beauty in every aspect of the day. We would highly recommend Tssifira’s services to anyone thinking about using a wedding planner, and would go so far as to say - stop thinking about it and call them now

Ankesh Bhotika - Kolkata
Kelly & Brandon Walsh

Just wanted to write a note and say thank you so much for making our wedding weekend so wonderful and relaxed! Thank you for finding, booking and planning everything so beautifully !It couldn’t have been any better. It truly was the perfect wedding, you even made the weather cooperate! Thank you, thank you, thank you!I hope you get to have some time off amongst all the other weddings and relax. You deserve it! Lots of love!

Uttam Todi - Kolkata
Kelly & Brandon Walsh

People who became family. We talked, we laughed, we fought made merry but for what but a better tomorrow. You not only made my sons marriage a day to remember for the family but for the invitees too.

Vineet & Mini Karamchandani - Gorakhpur
Kelly & Brandon Walsh

On behalf of our family I'd like to thank you and the team for the work you put in. I know Tejas and I put a huge amount of pressure the night before the reception but really Madhu you made it happen and we really appreciated the stunning result.

Chirag & Jaanvi Shah - Dubai
Kelly & Brandon Walsh

You work so hard-and I’m being genuine! You deserve all your success and every client is lucky to have you.

Deep & Kisha Bhuta- Ahmedabad
Alison & Mark Priston

We would like to extend our warmest love and thanks to team Tssifira. They have worked day in and day out to ensure out wedding was as we had planned. Also special mention to the peacok and crystal themed event - we were hesitant at first but at the end, it looked gorgeous. Kudos to the team!

Mohan and Raveena Poddar-Ahmedabad
Melissa & Ryan Smith

We would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding on February 2015 . The music was breathtaking .Everyone we talked with thought the Gurdwara set up was absolutely divine. Keep up the excellent work.Thank you and we will definitely recommend you to others. Take care

Sumit and Namrata Sadhwani - Kolkata